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What is Aphid?

Aphid is an embeddable, cross-platform, multi-paradigm, and highly interoperable .NET scripting language.

What languages is Aphid inspired by?

Aphid is C-style language heavily inspired by JavaScript. However, it does draw from C#, and to a lesser extent, F#.

Why another scripting language?

Currently, few easily embeddable scripting languages exist for the .NET platform. Among those available, many have complex dependency graphs that necessitate the inclusion of various packages/assemblies. Still others are lacking in interoperability, requiring inordinate amounts of wire-up code. This does not bode well for those hoping to make their .NET applications scriptable with minimal effort.

How easy is Aphid to use?

Embedding Aphid in a .NET project is simply a matter of adding a reference to a single DLL and writing a few lines of code to invoke the interpreter. Once an Aphid script has been interpreted, Aphid objects can be manipulated via .NET as dictionaries, or better yet, converted to instances of .NET classes. Further, Aphid can easily invoke .NET methods, and vice-versa.

What nifty features does Aphid support?

To name a few,
  • Lambda expressions
  • Partial function application
  • Pipelining
  • Pattern matching
  • Multithreading

When can I try Aphid?

Now, if you'd like. While Aphid is technically in an early, alpha state, I am currently using it in a few production systems with great success. However, the alpha implementation has some quirks, current documentation is rather minimal, as are the libraries available, and the available development tools are not yet mature.

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